Krono's Archives

Hello, you can call me Krono, i'm a datahoarder, so by nature i like to search for obscure content in risk of getting lost to time, so i spend hours (and gigabytes) downloading entire websites, channels and a few torrents.

I really enjoy what i do, but i wanted to upload the stuff i download somewhere, for it not to get lost to time, because i mean, people don't really have access to my computer, so i decided to create this website, i'll be putting the stuff i download in the Vault section.

Oh, and i have a Youtube channel for uploading some music that i find interesting but didn't find it pratically anywhere but old websites or torrents, it's called Krono's Obscure Music, check it out when you can.
By the way, english is not my main language, so i'll probably make a few mistakes here and there, i'm sorry for that.